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In early 1987, Chuck Dean, a veteran of the Vietnam War, became the Executive Director of Point Man International, a veterans-for-veterans support organization. As a writer and counselor he has worked with thousands of soldiers and veterans not only in the United States, but several foreign countries-including Russia, Italy, and France. His mission has always been to see other veterans find positive solutions to the many issues facing them upon returning from combat.

In the spring of 2004, Chuck was invited by the U.S. Army to assist the paratroopers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade in their re-adjustment after combat in Iraq. He has worked extensively in the publishing industry, and is the author of several books on recovery issues, such as the best-selling "Nam Vet: Making Peace with Your Past" portrays a profound understanding of the issues that warriors face upon their return from a war zone. He has over 20 books available on and Kindle:

Chuck Dean's Books

Chuck spent six years serving in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, and the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam and Okinawa. He was one of the first 300 regular Army troops to be deployed to S.E Asia in 1965. Upon his return from the combat zone he spent two years as a 6th Army Drill Instructor at Ft. Ord, California. Presently he continues to write and work for veterans and military personnel, and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Some Came Home

chuck dean author This fictional romantic account portrays a young man and his experiences after the Viet Nam war. Chuck Dean's real life experiences play a major role in his ability to humanize the experience of soldiers returning from war.

Life After War. John Parker has dreamed of being a paratrooper and going to war since childhood. He comes of age at the right time...Vietnam is calling. After the war his life becomes immersed in the peace and love culture of America. It's sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll...but he struggles with the war demons he has brought home. He experiences, or witnesses, PTSD in most every aspect - and through it all there is a love for family that prevails throughout.

Some Came Home is available right now through Amazon; or you can see Chuck at various events in Las Vegas and ask for a sigining of your book!

Down Range

chuck dean author Trauma changes people: It changes values, priorities, worldviews, and most of all.... it changes how we relate to others. Painful, life-threatening experiences take people beyond the normal day-to-day life, leaving them stuck behind defensive walls that keep them from re-entering the world they have always known as "home."

So how does it happen? How do we lose the loving closeness with those around us? And better yet, how do we re-gain what pain has robbed us of? "Down Range" is not only a book explaining war trauma, it is required reading for anyone seriously interested about how to make healthy transitions from war to peace.

Bridget C. Cantrell, Ph.D. and Vietnam veteran, Chuck Dean have joined forces to present this vital information and resource manual for both returning troops and their loved ones. Here you will find answers, explanations, and insights as to why so many combat veterans suffer from flashbacks, depression, fits of rage, nightmares, anxiety, emotional numbing, and other troubling aspects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Chuck Dean Author

Chuck Dean, a veteran of the Vietnam War
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Best Seller

Nam Vet: Making Peace with Your Past Chuck Dean's Best selling book about the struggles veterans make upon returning home. Although the Vietnam War officially ended in 1975, it still rages in the lives of thousands of Veterans and their families. Why do so many veterans suffer from flashbacks, depression, fits of rage, nightmares, emotional numbing, substance abuse, and helplessness?

Author and Vietnam Veteran Chuck Dean endured years of agony and has some answers through those trials. In "Nam Vet", Chuck explains what causes these symptoms and gives guidance on how to break free from self-destructive behaviors. Let the past be the past at last.

Nam Vet: Making Peace with your past is available right now through Amazon; or you can see Chuck at various events in Las Vegas to purchase his books and ask for a sigining of your book!

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